Top 7 best projector in India

Top 7 Best Projector in India For Home and Office use (2020)- Review

In this post, you will get the list of Best Projector in India and you can use it for home or office. We made this list after comprehensive research and collecting reviews from current users. We are not salesperson who works for some small amount of commission we only provide valuable and honest reviews.

Before selecting any projector we recommend you read the buying guide given below the list. So, you can select the best projector according to your need and budget. And also read the most important things that you should consider before buying the projector. So, let’s get started!

Best Projector In India for home and office use


Ideal for


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Epson EH-TW650



ViewSonic M1



Epson EB-X05



BenQ MX535P



Epson EB-S41









1.Epson EH-TW650 Best Home Projector

Best projector in India for home and office use.

From the past 12 years, Epson company holds the tag of the No. 1 home theater projector brand in the world. No doubt that this is the best projector brand in India also. And after reviewing we put this on the top of the list.

Key Features
1. Size of the screen is up to 300 inches.
2. The resolution of projection is full HD 1920 * 1080 with the color brightness of 3100 Lumens.
3. It also has a split-screen.
4. It has 2 HDMI ports with 1 port supporting MHL.
5. Throw distance of the image is 7 feet 5 inches.
6. Inbuilt 2 watt monaural speakers.
7. It comes with 2 years of warranty.

Epson EH-TW650 gives an awe-inspiring Full-HD cinema experience at home. You can play video games on a large screen. It gives the best thrilling experience. You can also watch your favorite games with a realistic experience. This is the best projector for office conferences also.

Lumens lamp and high image processing give the crisp and high-definition sharp images. You will lose yourself while watching movies and playing games on this big 300 inches screen.

Epson best projector in India for home use
Image source: Amazon.in

Set up of this projector is super simple. With the help of features such as simple keystone correction, iProjection app, and built-in Wifi you can easily set up this amazing projector as you install your TV set.

Epson’s 3LCD technology provides amazing vivid images in the brightly lighted room also and produces equally high white and color light output. This unique technology makes this projector as the best projector for the home in India as well as ideal for an office conference also.

The Epson EH-TW650 is powered by a UHE 210W lamp that runs for 7,500 hours in eco mode. That is equal to watching a movie every day for the next 10 years. You can easily access and control this projector with the help of easy to use remote.

Now let’s talk about the most important factor that is the warranty. You will get 2 years of warranty against standard manufacturing defects. And the lamp comes with a warranty of 1 year or 1000 hours whichever is first.

Set up is very easyIt only supports AVI format so, cannot play video files directly via USB
HD resolutioniProjection app is required to deliver high-quality projection.
Projector lamp comes with warranty.
Most trusted Brand in home projectors.

2.ViewSonic M1 LED Harman/Kardon Best Portable Projector

Best projector in India for home and office use

If you are looking in the category of best portable projector then this ViewSonic M1 is the best option for you. Due to the lightweight and compact design you can easily carry it wherever you want. This projector will easily fit in your palm so, you can easily carry it with your suitcase for presentation on the go. The weight of this projector is less than 2 pounds you can easily move it from room to room or indoor/ outdoor usage.

Key features
1. You can use it nearly in any room.
2. Internal storage is 16GB with an integrated micro SD card slot.
3. In-built battery with 6 hours power.
4. With the help of the smart stand, it gives an amazing 360-degree projection setup.
5. High-quality speakers.
6. Two years of warranty on the projector and 1 year on the lamp.

It has an in-built battery with over 30000 operational life. In the connectivity feature, this is the best projector in India. It has both type A and type C USB connectivity and also has a slot for micro SD card. This is the best option for an outdoor excursion and camping trips. The reason is already given in the key features.

Best portable projector in India
Image source: Amazon.in

High quality dual speakers by Harman/kardon gives strong bass and smooth sound while watching movie, Video or Concerts. You can easily convert this projector into wireless projector by just connecting wireless dongles like GoogleCast and Amazon fire TV stick.

You can set up the projector at any angle with the help of this smart stand. You can rotate it in 360 degrees easily.

It has a very shorter throw ratio. It projects images of size 100 inches from 8.9 feet away.

Ultra-portable and lightweight.Not 3D compatible
High-quality speakers.After sale service is not upto the mark.
Very shorter throw ratio.
Easy to carry and set up.
Buy on Amazon Best portable projector in India.

3.Epson EB-X05 XGA V11H839040 3LCD Projector

Best projector in India

Another versatile projector from the Epson company. Entertain yourself with a big-screen experience and present your sharp presentation at the office with this best portable projector. This projector also has 3LCD technology that we already have seen in the previous projector of Epson.

The projection system of this projector includes 3LCD technology, RGB liquid crystal shutter, and color light output.

Key Features
1. You can use it on both wall and screen.
2. Easy setup and portable.
3. Best projector for office use.
4. Easy to position with keystone slider.
5. 2 years of warranty

The Colour output is about 3300 lumens that is amazing. It gives Bright projection even with ambient light. The same amount of high white and color light output. Contrast ratio is 15000 : 1.

Weight is about 2.5 Kg and screen size is 300 inches. Product comes with the 2 years of warranty. If you have low budget then this is the best alternative for projector that we have shown above.

Works in both bright and dim light room.Quality of the speakers is average.
Best for office use.Does not include battery.
Screen size is big enough 300 inches.
buy on amazon best projector in india.

4.BenQ MX535P XGA Business and Classroom Projector

Best projector in India

If you are looking projector for office use then this is the best projector in India. Although you can also use it at home also. Why we gave it a tag of the best projector for office use because of bright image quality with 3600 ANSI lumens high brightness which is ideal for office rooms.

Key features
1. 3600 ANSI lumens high brightness.
2. DLP technology.
3. Easy setup and alignment.
4. Two years of warranty on the projector and 6 months on the lamp.

15000 : 1 contrast ratio delivers a high-quality stunning display presentation. It has fast transmission dual HDMI connectivity. HDMI gives fast data transmission. It is the 3D projector you can experience the thrill of 3D movies with the help of 3D glasses. Also, it is very useful for educational purposes.

It has an Ergonomic retractable foot and vertical keystone. With the help of these tools, you can easily set up and align the image very quickly.

And about the warranty, this projector also comes with 2 years of warranty but the lamp has 6 months or 500 hours of warranty. Whichever is earlier.

Full 3D projectionNo Wifi
Best for office and conference presentationBulky to use
High brightnessthe warranty period on a lamp is lesser than other brands
Great contrastdefault aspect ratio is 4:3
Buy on Amazon best projector in India.

5.Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector

Best projector in India

One more Projector from Epson company. This is even more brighter with 3300 lumens. It has 4k video quality and lamp life is comparatively high. Due to the high brightness it is perfect for outdoor.

Key features
1. 10,000 hours of lamp life in eco mode.
2. 4k Video quality.
3. Best for outdoor and office purposes.
4. Wireless LAN
5. Two years manufacturer warranty.

You can easily access the most frequently used functions on the home screen. You can also get all the information about sources and devices in a single place. The main advantage of this projector is it has high lamp life if we compare it with other projectors at the same price range.

It gives a 4k quality projection that is amazing in this price range. And the best part of this projector is you can connect it with your mobile via the internet. This projector has Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n.

High picture qualityComplicated mirror features still not that much problematic.
wifi connectivity
high lamp life


Best budget projector in India

This is the best budget projector in India. May be doubt has been arrived in your mind why this projector is placed on this list. And if it is worth then why there is a huge price gap between other projectors from a different brand and this one. So let me first introduce the manufacturer company of this projector.

EGATE is the India manufacturer company and they have a wide variety of projectors. They manufacture projectors according to purpose one single projector can not fulfill all the requirements. That’s why the price of this projector is very low.

Key features
1. Best Budget projector
2. It is an Indian brand hence, large numbers of service centers are available.
3. Very easy setup
4. 30000 life long LED lamp
5. Large 120 inches display
6. 1+1 years of warranty from the manufacturer.
7. Inbuilt stereo speaker.

This projector is ideal for home use. you can play video games, you can watch movies and games on a large screen. If you are on a tight budget and seriously need the home projector then go for it this is the best projector in India for a low budget.

This projector can project from a maximum of 8 feet. The brightness level is about 1500 lumens. This is perfect for personal use only. It has only 1 HDMI port. It is not a 3D projector. LED lamp hours are 30000 that is quite good.

very low budgetyou cannot expect performance like other premium projectors.
Large numbers of service centers are available.Not good for office use
Ideal for home use only
very easy setup
Buy on amazon best budget projector for home in india.

7.Myra TouYinGer X7 Led Projector

Best projector in india

This is the best budget projector in India. I was thinking about putting this projector in this list because of the huge price difference between this projector and above. Still I have included in the list because of some amazing features. This projector is consider in the category of best projector under 10000 Rs in India.

Key features
1. This is the best projector for home use.
2. Resolution of 1080p
3. Projection screen size up to 130 inches.
4. 3D compatible
5. 1 year of warranty.

As it comes with low price it also has limitations. It is only suitable for home use. You can not use for office or education purpose.

It has 1800 lumens that’s why not much ideal for brightly light rooms. If you have low budget and only want for home use then you should go with this.

Best for home use.Not for office and educational purpose.
3D compatible.Lamp quality is moderate.

Best Projector in India- How to select?

(complete buying guide)

Brightness and contrast

This is the most critical factor while choosing the projector. In the dark rooms like theater, the projector with 1500 lumens is enough. But this type of darkness is not always available. In home you may somehow manage but in the office, it is really difficult.

So, if you want a projector for your office then you must select a projector with high luminosity such as 3000 to 3500 lumens. For the home purpose, only you can select a projector with luminosity around 1500 lumens.

Contrast ratio is also important. Always go with low contrast ratio than high.


I think everyone is familiar with this factor. High resolution means a better experience. A projector should support HD that is 1080 pixels.

It makes no sense if you purchase a 4K projector and you don’t watch the content of that quality. When we go through the reviews from current users we found that most of the users are satisfied with 720p resolution. So go with what is suitable for you.

Throw distance

In simple language throw distance means the distance between projector and screen. You may have seen in the office or school that there is enough distance between the screen and projector while in the cinema halls the distance is very large. greater the distance bigger the size of the image is the normal logic. But nowadays technology has grown up you will get bigger images with shorter throw distance.

For home use, 100 inches screen in enough but you can choose as per your requirement and for office a bigger size required. Select the projector with a minimum throw distance because it gives high-quality projection. But don’t forget to check the size of the screen.


Some of the projectors listed above have high-quality in-built speakers like Harman Kardon. They give excellent audio output. Still, we suggest you connect with external speakers or home theater for a better experience. Always go with the projector having 5.1 audio setups.

3D Compatible

3D technology is become popular day by day. It is really amazing experience to watch a 3D movie on big screen. You should go with projector compatible with 3D technology. Although projector can projects 3D projection still you need to use 3D glasses for better experience. And always pick the high quality 3D glasses because low quality glasses can cause you eyesight problems which may leads you to major problems of your eyes.

Connectivity options

Go with projectors that have maximum connectivity options like HDMI, USB, SD card, etc. The projector must connect with any device.


higher the period of warranty means the company believes in the manufacturing quality of the product. One should select a projector with at least have a warranty of 2 years.

Factors you should consider before buying Best Projector in India


As usual, you will go with what your budget allows you. always high price means more features in not true. It depends on the company. You can choose any projector from above as per your budget all are the best projector in India for both office and home usage.


Choose according to your purpose of use. If you want a projector for the office projector then go with data projectors they are ideal to project Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

And if you are looking for entertainment purposes at home then you should go with a bigger screen size and 3D compatible projectors they give better experience. Projectors mention in our list are ideal for both purposes you can choose anyone from them according to your budget.

Suitable projection

Type of the projectors are LCD, LED and DLP. DLP projectors from major of the companies give high-quality projection. But the Single-chip DLP projectors are subjected to a rainbow effect that is little red-green-blue rainbow-like flashes.

Rainbow effect comes in the scenes when there are bright areas against a darker background. If you or your family members are sensitive to these effects then you may find difficulties watching a video through a DLP projector. Hence you should LCD projector if you or your family members have this problem.

Projection screen

Before buying your best projector in India you should know where you are going to project the projection. On the plane wall or projection screen. If you want to project on the screen then you need to buy it separately. And if you planning to project on the wall then you should keep some factors in mind like color, smoothness, etc.

If you are on a tight budget then the projector screen is not compulsory. The projectors listed on our list are compatible with plain walls also.

Why you should buy a home projector

If you have a projector at your home then you will get amazing experiences that you will not get on a TV set or your gaming laptop. Here are some of the advantages that definitely force you to buy the best projector for home use.

Experience thrill on a large screen

You can play video games, watch movies on the big screen, and experiences the thrill of live concerts and games on 3D projectors.

Easy to install and setup

There is no rocket science behind the setup. Th set up is as easy as installing your TV set.


The projectors listed above are portable and you can use it for outdoor purposes also. Like camping , trip etc.

Space saver

You can hang it at the ceiling. Not required much space.

How to connect a projector to the laptop?

Various ports are available at projector for connecting various devices. You can use HDMI port to connect projector to the laptop.

What is the projector aspect ratio?

Aspect ratio is the simply ration of the height of the image to the width of the image. Resolution of the projector determines the aspect ration. There are different aspect ratio available.

What is the best projector for home use in India?

You can select anyone from the list. We have made this list of Best projector in India for home use after deep research and collecting reviews from current users. All are the best.

How many lumens do I need for a projector in a bright room?

above 2000 lumens is enough for the bright rooms.


I hope you have got all the information you were looking for regarding the purchases of the best projector in India. We highly recommend you to read the buying guide first before making any decision. Also, go through the things you should consider before buying your projector.

Our Top pick: Epson EH-TW650

Still if you have any query fill free to contact us or ask in the comment section below.

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