kent alkaline water purifier price in india (2020)

Kent Alkaline water purifier price in India

kent alkaline water purifier price in India
Kent alkaline water purifier price in india

We all know that kent is a well-known company in water purifiers and now they have introduced alkaline water purifiers. For better health, it is not sufficient to drink only clean and germ-free water. We must drink water with the right pH level. If you are using only water purifier then you should replace it with this kent alkaline water purifier or say, pitcher. Because it does not gives water with the right pH only but also gives purified and germ-free water.

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1. It balances the pH level

This is the main feature of this pitcher. Water with a very low pH value (this is called as acidic water) or with a very high pH value ( this is called as basic water) may be hazardous for our health. So we need balanced water. This alkaline water pitcher increases the pH level of water up to 8.5 – 9.5 to keep our body and mind healthy.

2. It removes chemical and physical impurities

To remove physical impurities it has a sediment filter. And for chemical impurities such as chlorine, it has a carbon filter.

3.Reduction in Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)

Kent alkaline water pitcher reduces the Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORB). So water becomes antioxidant alkaline and it tastes more fresh and clean than any other normal water. You can say we can make water healthy by just boiling it with water heaters but this does not make the water alkaline. You have to use this alkaline water pitcher to get alkaline water.

so you may think what we get from alkaline water, the answer is alkaline water is a more powerful antioxidant than green tea or juice.

4.Smart design

It has a beautiful compact design which is space-saving so you can put it anywhere and it fits in any size of a refrigerator. With a comfort grip handle you can easily pour water in glass or bottle and also you can fill pitcher easily with lid.

5. High durable

It is made up of highly durable and non-breakable food-grade plastic. So the great taste of the water will not change for years and years.


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